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Bavette at the market is now open!
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What started out as a butcher shop concept, has evolved and changed over the years to become a full service restaurant and butcher shop concept. On the one hand, Bavette is a modern rendition of a time honored tradition, which is that of the neighborhood butcher shop. Through the butcher shop, Bavette strives to honor those traditions of quality and excellence by sourcing whole animals raised responsibly on small, local farms and custom cutting the meat. By getting in whole carcasses, Bavette achieves more sustainability and less waste. In addition, Bavette provides total traceability of its meat back to a singular farm and a singular animal. At Bavette, the consumer will enjoy complete transparency of its food moving from farm to plate. In conjunction with the butcher shop, Bavette is also a restaurant, serving these meats on a daily changing menu consisting of salads, sandwiches, small plates, pâtès, cheese and charcuterie boards. What you see in the meat counter and on the menu each week are all from the same animal. The restaurant truly is a farm to table restaurant, sourcing not only the meat, but most of its produce from nearby farms. Ina addition to the highly seasonal menu, there are chef curated retail items, such as Wisconsin cheeses, local charcuterie, artisanal jams, pickles, salts, vinegars and oil. Going along with the thoughtful menu is a select and unique offering of craft beers, wines and cocktails.

Bavette is owned and operated by Karen Bell, a Milwaukee native with over 20 years culinary experience around the world. She has lived and worked in Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, Madrid and Caracas, with each place adding to her culinary identity. Along the way and as her career progressed, she became more interested in where our food comes from and how it gets to our plates. After opening and successfully running her own restaurant in Madrid, Spain, she decided to move back to Milwaukee to embark on a new chapter. Opening a butcher shop was her way of carrying on a dying craft, honoring time old culinary traditions as well as providing a direct link from farmer to consumer. When not in the kitchen, Bell has a passion for travel and food and wine from around the world and now leads food and wine trips to mostly Spain, but also Portugal and South America. Bell was honored to be nominated as a semi-finalist for James Beard Best Chef, Midwest region, in 2017 and a finalist in 2018.

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The farms we choose

We look forward to adding to the list of farms that we source from. We guarantee that every product in our shop has been raised and slaughtered according to our standards.


The cattle are pasture raised, grass-fed animals and are grain finished to add beautiful marbling to the beef. The farm is located 15 minutes from the processing facility keeping the stress of the animals low and the carbon footprint to a minimum.


The high quality, locally produced, natural pastured meats they produce help support the local economy, create community and reduce the travel time and energy impact of your food.


“We Sell Flavor” is their slogan. Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms, LLC has developed a special feeding program to enhance the flavor of the lamb, which is hormone and antibiotic free.

FARM 45-lamb & goat-

Their current focus, raising pasture raised lamb and goat, is to manage the land for the best suited purposes of each area with sustainable practices.

JEFF LEEN-eggs & turkeys-

Their goal of producing the healthiest food products possible, in a sustainable manner, means they use no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids with their livestock.


All of their animals are raised strictly on pasture, where they eat what they love--grass, clover and other rich greens. This optimal living environment not only makes for the healthiest animals but the best tasting, most flavorful meats.


They are the only company in the U.S. to raise 100% of its veal calves in non-tethered, humane environments, and are proud to bring you their delicious, ethically raised, family-farmed veal.


Pinehold Gardens, Produce with Purpose, Centigram, Lone Duck, Buddha Baby, Shared Seasons, LOTFOTL, Mushroom Mike, Victory Garden Initiative


Roelli, Uplands Farm, Carr Valley, Hook’s, Holland’s Farm, Hidden Springs, Landmark Creamery, Bleu Mont dairy, LaClare Farms, Emmi Roth, Red Barn Farms, Nordic Creamery